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Our agency provides locate services which allows individuals, referred to as non-custodial parents or the NCP, to be held accountable for child support obligations. O'Brien and Associates has access to the most updated databases, which are only available to law enforcement and private detectives.


Our databases allow us to verify residency based on a number of different factors such as:

  • Utility bills
  • Cell phone accounts
  • School enrollment
  • Vehicle registration
  • Civil suits
  • Criminal charges



Our staff specializes in investigations, surveillance, loss prevention, security and process service. Read more.


Our agency specializes in the prevention and detection of fraud in government entitlement programs. Read more.


Our professionals manage in-store security programs focusing on external shoplifting, internal theft and various fraud. Read more.

Event Security  Read more.

Our event staff are highly trained and professional. Contact us for details on how to better secure your festivals.