Government Services

O'Brien & Associates is a licensed and insured private investigation agency specializing in the prevention and detection of fraud in government entitlement programs. We are able to keep our contracted costs lower in verification and investigation activities due to our expanded service area, extensive network database, and shared cost integration.

Initiated Collection Recovery

Our agency has initiated collection recovery on 95% of all identified over-issued dollars while maintaining a 100% conviction rate on Fraud Cases sent for prosecution. We have secured intentional program violation sanctions by waiver on 97% of all cases.

We maintain a completion turnaround time that is 50% less than the timeframe set by most State Standards. Our savings - vs. - cost ratio is currently $20.00 saved or recovered for every $1.00 of contracted cost. Last year we assisted the Illinois Department of Public Aid in saving over $10 million dollars in program benefits from being paid out improperly in Cook County alone. This includes the ever increasing problems within the child care programs.


We also provide investigations for Housing Authorities including Section 8 Voucher Programs. Our agency has discovered unreported or false information in 69% of the housing cases involving household composition questions, and 73% of the cases involving $0 or questionable income. Home visits are made on every case including collateral contacts to verify all reported information.

Our company is expanding and we are now able to offer this proven, cost effective verification process, fraud investigation, and collection system to state and county agencies nationwide. We also provide state and federal reporting assistance and maintain referral criteria validation information. Our staff has provided specialized training for Economic Support Specialists, Fraud Investigators and Social Work Staff on both state and national levels, including quality improvement techniques in verification and fraud detection.

Contracting for these types of services is extremely cost effective and allows employees to handle the ever increasing work load in other areas. Additionally, this contract can be in conjunction with any investigation or fraud prevention program you may now have in place.

Services Questions

If you have any questions about the services we can provide for you, i.e. contracting for direct service, consultations, or advisory assistance, please feel free to contact us at 1-800-225-9947. We will be glad to meet with you at your convenience to discuss the various services we can provide nationwide. 


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